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Ice Cream Blogging

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Last night, after dinner, my eldest daughter asked if we could go out for ice cream. She has just gotten home from college and it seemed like an appropriate celebration, so we set off towards one of my favorite ice cream shops here in Connecticut.

First, we stopped at the community gardens, where we have a small plot and the corn and watermelons have come up. Then we stopped by a local reservoir to look at a guardrail put up because of civic engagement. Then, we finally made it to the ice cream shop.


Eating Ice Cream


Our family is very serious about all the food we eat, and try to seek out the best places we can. Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop in Oxford, CT clearly has earned its place on this list. It is fresh ice cream made on the farm. I had ‘Razzmataz’, or something like that. Essentially, it was vanilla ice cream with a raspberry swirl and chucks of fudge. It was very good.

My eldest daughter had peaches and cream and run raisin and my youngest had cookie dough. My wife had been working late so we brought home a pint of German Chocolate Cake ice cream for her.

As we sat outside on the farm, eating our ice cream, I suggested that my daughters might enjoy helping me research a comprehensive study of ice cream shops in Connecticut. People don’t often think about ice cream as one of the great products of our state, but they should.

The Connecticut Farm Bureau has a website encouraging people to get involved in politics to Save Dairy in Connecticut. While I applaud their efforts, in this case, a more hands on approach of finding the best local ice cream shops in the state and encouraging folks to visit them regularly is a much more enjoyable form of civic action.

So, if you care about the State of Connecticut, or if you care about ice cream, please join me in enjoying ice cream the farms of Connecticut, especially Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop in Oxford, some of the Best of Connecticut.


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