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The Best Locally Grown Food

When I first started writing for Roxy’s Best of Connecticut, I figured I would write mostly about various events or companies that I especially liked. Time has gone by and I haven’t written as much as I would like, partly because there are so many things that are the best of Connecticut that it is hard to choose one over another.

To get around this, my post today is about locally grown food in Connecticut. This runs the gamut from home grown to community supported farms and large orchards.

The best place to start is Gazy Brother’s Farm. We have been getting a Community Supported Agriculture box from them each week of the growing season for the past several years. We’ve signed up for the vegetables and the fruit. You can also get flowers. They provide more vegetables than we have been able use so we’ve had to get very creative. Last Friday, my daughter Fiona and I made several quarts of yellow squash pickles. We will open the first bottle this afternoon to see how they came out.

Next on my list is Jones Family Farms. For many years we’ve traipsed their hills in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Sometimes we would buy some of their wine. Then, we started going there to pick our pumpkins. This year, we went to pick strawberries. We picked around 18 pounds of berries which we ate, froze and used to make jam.

On our way home from picking pumpkins at Jones Family Farms, we have taken to stopping at Beardsley’s Cider Mill and Orchard. Initially, we would just get a few bags of apples and some cider to bring home. Last year, we made our first batch of hard cider. It turned out very well, and so we made a second batch. This year, we will perhaps make even more batches.

After our success with strawberry picking earlier this year, we went to Bishop’s Orchards to pick blueberries. It was hot and we only picked about six pounds, which we ate, froze and used to make some blueberry syrup.

We live in a very shaded yard, which has been great for beating the heat, but isn’t so good for growing our own vegetables, so this year, we rented a plot in the local community gardens. We started to harvest own crops from there and they look as promising as what we’ve gotten from some of the local farms.

Here in Connecticut, there is an effort to get people to eat something locally grown every day. For us, that has been fairly easy this year. I hope others take up the challenge and enjoy some of the Best of Connecticut.