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Introducing Roxy’s Best Of… Connecticut: Featuring Moomette, Small Town Mommy and Aldon Hynes

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Welcome to Roxy’s Best Of… Connecticut, featuring Cindi (a.k.a. Moomette), Anne (a.k.a. Small Town Mommy), and Aldon (Orient Lodge), three local bloggers who know a lot more about Connecticut than Roxy does… in fact, some say the only way a Jersey girl like me can cross the Connecticut border is under cover of the night.

Moomette is the host of Roxy’s Best Of… Hartford, Connecticut, one of the very first Roxy blogs not written by Roxy.  She is one prolific writer, best known in and around the blogosphere for her blogs, Moomettesgram’s Musings; Moomette’s Mama Mentor Blog and Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews

Small Town Mommy chronicles the day-to-day life of Anne and her family in and around the small town of Redding, Connecticut. Small Town Mommy will be hosting Roxy’s Best Of… Danbury, Norwalk, Westport, and Fairfield County, Connecticut…. just as soon as Roxy gets those local sub-sites up and running.




Perhaps best known in the blogosphere for his Orient Lodge blog, Aldon is the gracious host of Roxy’s Best Of… New Haven, Connecticut.  He hails from Woodbridge, CT, and offers interested parties several choices of bio.  I chose this one:  “Aldon is a metaphysical vagabond working as a baggage handler in the airport of the emotionally challenged. He has a keen interest in technology, group dynamics, philosophy, literature, finance. He has dirt under his finger nails from too much gardening. Aldon has replaced his “Researcher” Pompom hat with a red, white, and blue turban. He still wears a Scarlet “R”, and some weird combination of triangles indicating that he is a gay Jewish Researcher. Aldon is now also wearing a Howard Dean in 2004 button, an official MOO Crew Badge, and a wedding ring.”

  • Anne
    6:45 am on January 15th, 2009 1

    How exciting! I am in such illustrious company. Woohoo!

  • moomette
    8:38 pm on January 22nd, 2009 2

    Absolutely delighted to be honored & be a part of such a great site!


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